My name is Amanda Lairsey.

“My business is killing me. I don’t know how much longer I can handle the stress.”

“My business is stagnant. Why is it not growing like I hoped?”

“Ugh! I just want OUT of this mess I created! I am not happy.”

If you have thought or said any of the above, then you have found the right place my friend. Running a business is really tough. Trust me! You’re not the only business owner struggling to make it. Every week I spend time with small business owners who are dealing with cash flow issues, major debt problems, unhappy customers, and inconsistent revenue streams. It happens to the best of the best business owners.

Here is what you’ve already done right:

  • You took a leap of faith by pursuing your dream (probably the hardest step)
  • You kept working at it, even when others told you that it wasn’t possible
  • You are actively searching for ways to improve your business
  • You haven’t given up (which is why you are right here right now)

Here is why you are here:

  • You need a new and improved strategy to succeed.
  • You want an easy system that reduces your stress
  • You need a process that will make you money faster
  • You want to run a debt-free business
  • You need more customers and sales

Why hire me? 

In 2013, I walked into the biggest mess of my life. I took a bookkeeping job with a local construction company. On the outside… the company looked fantastic! On the inside, the business was failing miserably. I took one look at the books and freaked out. What in the world did I get myself into? Lets just say that I kept applying for jobs for the first few weeks after I took this particular position.

Thankfully, my mom forced me to start working at an early age. I really didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I worked in many industries until I hit my mid-20s. I studied business management and marketing in college because I felt it applied to all industries and I didn’t have a clear path established in my mind. Honestly, my degree made me even more confused. I graduated college with zero ideas as to which career path I should choose. So… the hunt for a career path began.

The official list of industries that I’ve contributed to in the last eighteen years include: medical, finance, banking, auto, retail, legal, accounting, construction, and digital marketing. I’ve pretty much worked in every industry except fast-food, education, and real estate. Sounds wishy-washy, right? That’s what I thought until about four years ago.

What I learned by working in so many different industries was this: the same principles apply to every type of business.

Let’s go back to the job I took in 2013 at the local construction company. That is when the realization happened. I was in a true panic mode. We had zero money, zero process, upset customers, disgruntle employees, and a really freaked out bookkeeper. I couldn’t just bail on the owners because I knew they needed some serious help. They were about to loose their livelihood. I immediately started pulling processes from other places that I worked in the past and implementing them at the company. I created my own spreadsheets for weekly cash flow budget and projects. I started making healthy boundaries between the employees, vendors, customers, and owners. I even pulled out my old college textbooks to study up on certain operational processes in an industry that I knew nothing about.

The owners gradually handed me full control over their business as I changed every aspect of their operations, marketing, and money management. It took three long months to get the business back to safe mode. Four years later, I’m still running the operations for that company. We are a small company that is projected to do two million dollars in revenue this year.

I told you my story in order to encourage and empower you. If your business is struggling, then you CAN turn it around. It takes a plan, a ton of hard work, and discipline.

Maybe you need a little encouraging, guidance, accountability, or maybe you need a full-on plan to get out of the mess you’re in. Whatever it may be, I want you to know that you’re not in it alone. I’m here to help you, challenge you, and inspire you to love your business again.