Change is inevitable, right?

As entrepreneurs, we know that our businesses are continually evolving into something greater than before. However, it is easy to get complacent after a really good season. SMART entrepreneurs avoid complacency by striving to be the best in their industry. The only way you can be "the best" is by staying informed and ahead of the game.

Because I'm passionate about YOU succeeding... I've launched a series of workshops that will help you build a solid foundation while also taking your business to the next level and getting ahead of your competition. Go ahead! Be SMART! Check out the workshops below.


Nashville's Society of Women Business Owners

3rd Monday of each month in Franklin, TN or Live Stream

Lady bosses from all across Nashville, Tennessee gather at a local venue each month to receive a free live training on a relevant business topic. This is a unique opportunity to attend one of Amanda's free training sessions and also meet other entrepreneurs who are aiming for success!  Those not in the Middle Tennessee area can participate via the Live Stream.